Help Javiera Mena Record Her Third Album

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Crowd funding is the post-2010 way of making non-corporate projects happen. Whether it’s a Veronica Mars feature, an Amanda Palmer solo album, or Zach Braff’s new shitty movie, fans gather to be a part of it, to be the community that says, “This should exist.” Plenty of bands in our world have used this global-reaching method, and now Javiera Mena has joined the ranks of potentially crowd-funded artists.

For Mena’s third album (out early 2014), the Chilean singer is asking the world, nay, the universe, to assist her in the production by pre-ordering the album. Your exclusive rewards as a donor are based on how much you give. But if you donate, regardless of how much, you get the album before all the stupid non-donors. The project only lasts 60 days, so you should go right now to Javiera Mena’s Web site and help her make some of that music you love so much. If I’m not persuasive enough for you, then maybe Javiera can convince you (below).

[insert-video youtube=W3UwmDvUybY]