Here’s How Much Bad Bunny Tour Tickets are Selling For On Resale Sites

Lead Photo: Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
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The average cost of a single ticket on Bad Bunny’s El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo tour: $2,400 dollars. That is a lot of scratch for the Puerto Rican rapper. Let’s break it down for some context shall we? $2,400 dollars for a two-hour concert will cost one person $20 for every minute and $3 for every second. You could rent a two-bedroom apartment for a month in San Diego, Boston, or even Los Angeles for less than that. It would take a person earning minimum wage ($7.25 nationally) two entire months of solid 40-hour work weeks to buy one ticket.

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The El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo tour sold out in record time. Primary tickets were sold by venues across the country for an average of $239 for most seats, with the lowest price point at $69. But, once tickets hit the secondary sites the markup was astronomical. Jess Lawrence, CEO of TicketIQ, told Billboard that on resale sites Bad Bunny’s tour is the “most expensive tour we’ve ever tracked.” We did a quick search ourselves on Vivid Seats and found a single ticket in the nosebleed section of Bad Bunny’s Houston stop at Toyota Center on February 16 for $420. The lowest price at his Staples Center stop is $591 per ticket. If your mouth isn’t wide open yet then this ought to do it. That same Staples center stop has tickets listed for $10,744 each.

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But if you think all that coin is going to the Puerto Rican rapper, you’d be wrong. Perhaps it’s going to the individual venues who booked the 35-date tour? Nope, try again. Scalpers. That is who is profiting and profiting big off of one of the fastest selling tours in history.

With an average of 1,542 tickets per show hitting sites like StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Tickets over 35 shows that is almost 54,000 tickets bought up by resellers and scalpers. One does not need a calculator to know that math adds up to gigantic profits for resellers.