Here’s Why People Think Billie Eilish Dissed JLo at the MTV VMA’s

Lead Photo: Photo by Jamie McCarthy and Noam Galai. Art by Stephany Torres
Photo by Jamie McCarthy and Noam Galai. Art by Stephany Torres
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Billie Eilish is back in the news, not only for her win with Rosalía, but for a so-called diss at Jennifer Lopez. During the 2021 MTV VMA’s JLo made a special appearance on stage that Eilish was in attendance at. Everyone watching or in attendance was commenting on JLo’s smile, outfit, and how much presence she has.

But the focus was shifted away from this entire moment seemingly due to Eilish and her reaction to JLo. Eilish did not get up, did not clap, or show any enthusiasm at JLo’s appearance. She just sat in her chair and watched as everything went down, something that could be easily attributed to bad editing.

But that was enough for people, including major outlets, to weave this story where Eilish had “dissed” JLo because she flicked her eyes away from the singer. Or that Eilish didn’t know who JLo was in the first place, something that doesn’t track because the latter is still part of the music industry.

Ultimately, this is a method of creating conflict out of nothing at all that pits women against each other. Eilish could’ve been tired, anxiety-riddled, or a whole other slew of things. That doesn’t mean that her not freaking out when JLo came out on stage is a reason to act like these two singers have beef with each other.

And this supposed “diss” flies in the face of a video where Eilish fangirled over JLo’s actual presence during a performance and the photos that were taken with JLo’s daughter squished between the two singers.

At the end of the day, Eilish displayed a microexpression that was taken way out of context in a blatant attempt to create a headline and get people wondering if there’s something else going on between the two artists.