5 Hilarious Moments From Bad Bunny & Residente’s Fan Q&A

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Have you had your vitamins today? I hear Vitamin B gives you energy, and Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio’s bass-y belts gives you wings. Perdon, cheesiness oozes out of me when I don’t caffeinate on time. In Residente’s latest, “special,” edition of “El Influence[R],” he invites his latest collaborator on to somehow talk about everything and nothing all at once.

Here are a few moments that took home the cake:

Bad Bunny Tells Residente To Take a Seat

As in any great friendship, these two seem to do a good job of putting each other in their place when need be. René tells Benito when he’s gone too far, and Benito tells René when he needs to relax. The first question the two took was “Why’d you decide to make a perreo and not a trap [song]?” to which they both rightfully scoffed, but Residente took it a step further, responding with a sarcastic “It’s like asking you why you asked this question.” Benito, on the other hand, perhaps remembering that it’s because of fans like that that he’s now sporting Gucci shirts like the one in the casual vid, told his friend to take the questions seriously before explaining that the cultural significance of perreo made the choice a no brainer when it comes to what people in PR and the diaspora needed.

Free Advice: Take Care of Your Teeth

You’ve probably noticed that nearly every artist in urbano has perfect teeth. That’s no coincidence. “Prácticamente es como una cabrona moda,” says Bad Bunny. “Es como las mujeres que buscan algo que hacerse sin no tener que.” His advice after getting them done? Don’t do it.

Bad Bunny on When and Why He Uses Masks

It’s not just a fashion statement, mi gente. The surgical mask turned fashion statement protects him from germs and haters, he says. So, naturally, he uses it when taking a shit, having sex, and between shows… you know, as a form of protection.

Residente Isn’t Trying to Sing in Bad Bunny’s Octave, Thank God

Someone named Luis asked “During recording, did you try to sing in Benito’s tone of voice?” to which Residente responded with a “Yo no imito a nadie.”

They Explain Their Meet Cute

“Fue amor a primera vista.” In case you were wondering, Rene paid for their first date. Pero, it was BB who invited him. Two years later, the bromance lives on.