Hot, Red Hot!

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When we got wind of the line-up for BAM’s Red Hot + Rio 2 show (December 4th and 5th in the huge, beautiful BAM Howard Gilman Opera House), we jumped out of our seats and did a lame but enthusiastic attempt at a samba step. Well, kinda.  But the point is, we flipped our shit. This show’s gonna be RIDICULOUS. And it’s for a good cause. But tickets are selling fast, and we don’t want you to say we didn’t warn you, so read on and get excited, and go get those tickets YA!

Following the success of 2006’s Red Hot + Riot LIVE!, a tribute to Fela Kuti with performances by Amadou & Mariam, Yerba Buena, dead prez, Les Nubians, and more (an extension of the excellent compilation by the same name), the folks at BAM and The Red Hot Organization decided to whip together this little tribute to the Samba Soul movement and raise money for BrazilFoundation’s AIDS-related projects.

And while there are some expected names on the bill (Bebel Gilberto–who we’re not that hot for–, CéU, Moreno Veloso…), what’s extra-awesome is how they mix it up with folks like José González and Money Mark (and Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato, Jr. as one of the show’s directors…). Add in video design (by Multiplicidade), cutie Curumin, Otto, father/son duo João Parahyba and Janja Gomes, and Remezcla favorites Kassin +2 (formerly Moreno +2 and Domenico +2), and you’ve got yourselves quite a concert. A true Remezcla. Yes, kids, this is gonna be great.

Read the details here, and click here for more info on The Red Hot Organization, and here for more on BrazilFoundation.