Hottest Music Videos of 2012

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By Francisca Valenzuela

Chilean chanteuse Francisca Valenzuela made our jaws drop (and mouths drool) in her last music video off Buen Soldado. It almost came as a shocker, but in a really good way because this lovely lady proved that she is no niña buena. Instead, she’s a multidimensional artist who dares to tempt in the sexiest way possible while remaining classy. A masculinized (or androgynous) Valenzuela appears in a way we’ve ever seen her before, gazing at her fellow lady as she seductively dances. We’re captivated. In a recent Q&A (to be released soon!), she describes her character as somewhat disenchanted, yet somewhat tempted. There’s a lot to be said about this. But hey, for now, we just told you who has the Hottest Music Video of 2012! Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen. This ain’t no gentlemen’s club only. -IR

[insert-video youtube=M7tUlB7yJJE]

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