Hottest Music Videos of 2012

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by Selma Oxor

Some people have a foot fetish. Others have a food fetish. In recent years, tentacle erotica (yes, there’s an actual porn niche for that) has become less obscure thanks to the internet and mainly Japanese fans, always ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new kinky fetishes. Mexican singer Selma Oxor here probably learned a lesson or two from those hentai videos and used octopuses (lol, I almost wrote octopussies) and dead fishes as some sort of dark sexual allegory on her video. No nipples or labia exposed here, just a bunch of dead sea creatures on the chopping board and the hairless chest of a metrosexual boy. Erotic enough? -JD

[insert-video youtube=QSWRgx8dATg]

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