House of Creatives Festival Brings Flaming Lips, Empress Of, and Buscabulla to Miami Beach

Lead Photo: Courtesy of XL
Courtesy of XL
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Trust that a music festival in a Miami Beach bandshell has certain benefits, a handful of attractions that go beyond the bands on stage. (We don’t need to explain the glory of sand, cortaditos, vast diversity in neon clothing retail, and thongs, do we?)

The debut year of the House of Creatives Festival is coming. If you’re in the general area of Florida on November 18-19, and have clocked this lineup you’ll want to consider a cameo, independent of sunny side attractions.

Ask yourself: are you ready for Buscabulla‘s breezy recontextualization of R&B and some warm off-shore breezes? The neoyorquino indie pop group joins big leaguers like Flaming Lips, Crystal Castles, and Cold War Kids for the HOC lineup, along with a lot of emerging artists we love showing up for mid-bill realness.

Triumphant Honduran crooner Lorely Rodríguez of Empress Of is among them for lovers of intensely naked pop, another indication that festival organizers are shooting for gauzy feel-good vibes that pay their respect to Miami’s reputation as a northern outpost of Latin American musical innovation.

You’ll also be able to commune with the vibes of French multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique, in addition to local chillwave producer and vocalist Millionyoung, and Caribbean pop duo Los Wálters, who dropped their fourth full-length release yesterday with Isla Disco. Their latest is a easy dance remembrance of the island where members Luis López Varona and Ángel Emanuel Figueroa rarely have a physical presence — they’ve recently been splitting their studio time between São Paulo, Philadelphia, Boston and yes, Miami. Join them, no?

House of Creatives goes down November 18 and 19 in Miami Beach, Florida. To purchase tickets, click here. Check out the flyer below.