Hurricane Sandy Edition: Top 10 Tormenta Tropical Tracks

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The majority of people I’ve encountered besides New York would probably take extra precaution watching the Weather Channel, packing evacuation kits, buying batteries, shopping for dry goods and water, etc., if a 1,000 mile diameter/ 90 mph hurricane was hitting their (your) town. Well actually, it was funnier a few hours ago when things didn’t look too crazy when I first started compiling this playlist. I made sure I had enough beer bottles and cigarettes, my love near me and a friend to complain to, and some movies to watch later on. But now that I keep checking out instagram, my facebook newsfeed, the news, and outside my window, shit is getting crazier! So, for such occasion relating to Hurricane Sandy, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 hurricane-themed playlist for all of you to enjoy in this time of [insanity, danger, atrocity, craziness, insert your emotion here]. Some tracks are actually about natural disasters, while others are used as analogies. If you’re in New York, enjoy it while you can! For those who are not, enjoy!

PS. I write this from New York City in my lofted shack-of-a-room in the rooftop as my windows and walls tremble away, and on the verge of a bit of fright for Frankenstorm! AAAHHHH!!

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