Hy Brazil Vol. 5 Presents Sounds of the Underground [BRA]

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The Hy Brazil compilations have been exposing the best of the Brazilian underground internationally since last year. The curatorial work of musician Chico Dub on these releases has been similar to what international media has been doing with marginal population in the context of the World Cup: he cuts through the mainstream clichés, takes a step above all the samba and bossa nova, and presents the sounds of underground, outcast genres and artists.

Hy Brazil Vol. 5 is a purely experimental compilation, which explores a wide range of sounds and textures. This is a great way to get to know a whole bunch of Brazilian producers and musicians that we wouldn’t learn about otherwise. Electronic music, rock, ambient, noise… You could set up a three-day lineup of the ATP Stage at Primavera Sound with these musical projects only, and they would fit like a glove. I don’t know if Ceticências“Carcosa” has anything to do with True Detective, but it sure is creepy as hell. We sometimes get some brighter moments, like the luminous “There” by Rampazzo; and even some more conventional results, like the track “U-matic” by VHS Logos.

This is not an easy listen at all. Your brain and ears will probably get tired after a while. But this and all of the Hy Brazil volumes (available on the project’s Bandcamp page) are worth the time, especially for all of us who don’t think the Pitbull & J.Lo World Cup song represents the sound of Brazil. At all.