Illya Kuryaki's Sexy New Video: Adelante

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After a fun dance number with “Ula Ula,” for the second video off their critically acclaimed reunion album, Chances, the Argentine funk duo aims explicitly for the sexy factor–and gets it right.

“Adelante” has undeniable Prince influences, not only on the melody and lyrics, but also, and mainly, on the level of sexiness. The video, obviously exalts this sexiness, portraying a bizarre love triangle between a hot girl, Dante and Emmanuel and then, unexpectedly, transports the viewers to the visual extreme opposite: the top of a Patagonian glacier.

The contrast might through you off at first, but it ends up making sense before the video reaches it climax. Regardless of the multiple girls that appear to get in between these two guys and literally steal their hearts, in the end, when they are making music, it’s just them two and it’s eerily desolate around them.

Download Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas’ Adelante below: