Indieciembre's Indie Navidad Music (+ free tracks by Ceci Bastida and Palenke Soultribe)

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As the holiday’s creep around the corner, and you start considering if a Christmas tree in your little apartment will cheer you up sufficiently to distract you from your transnational nostalgia for friend and family at “home,” where ever that may be in this vast world, take some time away from the tried and true carols of the season. While sitting around the table with new friends converted to family, wishing for a warm and loving teddy bear or toy soldier to hold you night all through winter, keeping you warm with his Babes in Toyland loveliness, set your romance receivers on chill. Ceci Bastida cranks out yet another hallowed treat, with the holiday smash, “El Mejor Regalo.”

Waiting around to unwrap the best present she could receive, Bastida gives us a simple track that packs an even and mellow tone to count your blessings by. With the peace and joy, eggnog and goodwill spreading around, the wholesome and goodnatured Palenke Soultribe also snows softly with a jingle-jammer, “Sonido de la Navidad.” What this one lacks in lyrics it more than makes up for with good vibes and chimes. Perfect for your holiday mix for all those loved ones off in other lands, you can tie a bow on these songs and send them to your lovelies with all the promise that this jolly season, you’ll definitely be on Santa’s “Nice” list.

Download Ceci and Palenke’s songs for the holidays, and to get the full 10-track compilation, you can purchase it on iTunes here.

Indieciembre – Indie Navidad Music by RemezclaNYC

Track List:

1) Palenke Soultribe – “Sonido de la Navidad”
2) Faralae – “Cuál es tu Navidad?”
3) Maleco Collective – “Navidad en Echo Park”
4) Manuela Mejia – “Es Navidad”
5) Ceci Bastida – “El Mejor Regalo”
6) Origen – “Dame Un Abrazo (Feliz Navidad)”
7)  Coral – “Casi Sin Pensar”
8) Los Petardos – “Navidad En Los Pies”
9) Sweet Electra – “Hey Santa!”
10) Suturee – “Another Holiday”