Empress Of Recounts the Time Her Mom Crashed Her Rave in the Desert on Latino USA

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Everyone who’s been lucky enough to catch Empress Of live or had the chance to meet her in person can agree that Lorely Rodriguez comes across as a very genuine and endearing person. That aspect of her personality bleeds through her debut album Me (Terrible/XL), where she’s as open as it gets through her confessional lyrics and honest vocals.

Through her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and even through her “How Do You Do It” music video, she’s shown that she and her mom have a very special relationship. For example, several months ago her mom bedazzled some T-shirts for her to sell at her merch table. Isn’t that cute?

Well, in Rodriguez’s recent interview with Latino USA, she shares more stories about their relationship, from when she persuaded her mom to get her into an arts high school, to when she brought her to tears when she finally confessed that she wanted to pursue a career in music. Highlight of the interview: when she talks about the time her mom showed up at a rave she was playing in the desert with Jamie xx and Jon Hopkins and forced her way in. The tales are candid, hilarious, and complemented with voicemails. Hear the complete interview below:

Empress Of’s Me is out now on Terrible/XL.