Molina Says New Music Explores How Her Chilean Background Plays A Role In Her Art

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Courtesy of the artist
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Danish-Chilean composer and experimental musician Molina has released her new single and music video for “Cold,” along with the two B-side songs “Océano” and “El Aparecido.” The artist says that through her new tracks, she was able to embrace “the traditional music of her Chilean roots.”

While working on the three songs, Molina started to “write and think in Spanish again,” she tells Remezcla. This led her back to the music from her grandparents’ generation like singer and songwriter Víctor Jara. “History seems to be repeating itself to some extent and this process reminded me that it’s not a coincidence—for better or for worse,” she says. “The release is all about connecting and connections, the English and Spanish languages, musical elements, and especially my youth and childhood on two continents and how that’s affected my artistic output.”

As an artist, she says she has always felt like she’s been searching for something that was missing. “I can feel that something is out there, waiting for me to find out how to unlock and activate it—and with that also a part of myself perhaps. I’m still searching but I feel this release is an important step on that path.” Molina explains that although she hasn’t been back to Chile since she was a child, it’s a place she will never forget.

“I haven’t been there since my grandparents took me when I was four,” she says. “We visited family in Tomé and I still have videos of me running barefoot in the muddy soil. I still remember smells and tastes from Chile, the smoke from roasted meat over a bonfire. I really hope to be able to go back soon.”