Introducing…DJ Angelfuk

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“Enchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufensen, cabr****!” Sound familiar? Sandra Treviño has made one of the most important music hubs in Chicago. DJ Angelfuk is just one more title to this all-knowing musical Chicagoan. She splits her days among several projects including her website, record label,  promotions, and violin gigs with Alpha Channel Gohst, an experimental music project.

Sandra A. Treviño Cano
Age: 37
Roots: Planet Earth
Where do you live? Pilsen.
Day job: Assistant Director of Latin Music for Baila Music/EsNtion Records (Indie Dance/Tropical Music Label). I’m also Director of Promotions & Special Events for Night City Events. And I head the Public Relations Committee for Fiesta del Sol.

What were you doing 5 years ago? I was thinking about starting up a website that focused on Latin alternative music. I had to find a good name for it.  Enchufate was born shortly thereafter.

Current obsessions/addictions: Parchis, Ye ye, green tea, Alpha Channel Ghosts.

Movie that best represents your life: Ha! It’s not a movie, it’s a combination of three television programs: 30 Rock, The Office & How I Met Your Mother. I know! Honestly, I feel like a Latina version of Liz Lemon. Eeek! “I want to go to there.”

Last book you read: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

When did you start doing DJ-ing Why? My first gig was on June 6th of 2006 for the one year anniversary of Enchufate. I became interested when I wasn’t hearing new music being played at bars or venues I went to and it wasn’t for lack of DJs NOT having new music, they just weren’t playing it and I know this firsthand because I’d give DJs music samplers and they’d just put them aside never to be heard. Since we (Enchufate) were always looking for DJs to perform at our events, we decided to just do it ourselves. (NOTE: With the exception of DJ Resistol 5000 and Giroscopio who are always on the cutting edge of new music, back then you’d hear them mostly on the radio but can now find them playing all over the city.)

How do you define your sound? Eclectic fun.

How did you come up with your DJ name? My best friend suggested it when he was performing in his Misfits cover band – Devilocks. “Angel Fuck” is a Misfits song. I like the song so I put the two words together without the c and voila:  Angelfuk.

What constitutes a bad or good listening audience? Yikes! Well… I wouldn’t define it as good or bad, just open to listening or not. Ha! Thankfully I haven’t performed in front of a crowd that doesn’t appreciate the music.

Have you spinned in other cities? Not yet, but I’m looking forward to that. Chicago needs to be exposed to new music. Being in the Midwest contributes to the non-mainstream tunes not getting heard as quickly as in other major cities.  I feel a responsibility to have it heard.

What’s your favorite phrase/saying you use to hype up the audience?  “Enchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufensen, cabr****!”

Where they hang out when not DJing? I like to hang out at Cobra Lounge on Sundays SPECIFICALLY for Resistol 5000’s set. A favorite chill spot is Skylark. Thursdays are for Karaoke at La Botana then afterwards at NEO for New Wave/Retro/Industrial dancing. Other favorite hangouts: Ñ, The Art Institute, Green Mill, Empty Bottle, Efebos Cafe, Beat Kitchen, Sonotheque, Map Room, The Continental, Subterranean, Darkroom, Whole Foods, Cafe Mestizo.

2009 music predictions: Psychedelic fusions of sound & visuals (presented together) will become a trend.

Song that gets people dancing every time: Oh man, anything by Kinky. Every. Single. Time.

Guilty pleasure: Kid pop bands like Parchis. Goofy goodness I can’t resist to dance to.

Laptop DJs vs. vinyl? Respect the vinyl! That’s all I have to say about that regardless of whether or not I play vinyl.

Where do buy music? I get a lot of free music because of the industry I work in BUT the music I buy I purchase online and at concerts, directly from the artist.

How they discover new music? MySpace is a great outlet for finding new music. It’s amazing. Pandora does the job too. Also, if you’re in Chicago and want to listen to something new go to Enchufate events.

Current projects? E>N>E: Chicago Rocks, the television program is in post-production of its Pilot Episode so be on the lookout for it soon. I’m also jamming’ on my violin with Alpha Channel Ghosts, an experimental music project and organizing more Enchufate events for 2009.

Biggest challenges? Lack of support from community and mainstream media outlets.

Plans for the future? I want to be able to mention Ultrasonicas, Zenttric and Monareta without people making a face and saying: WHO!?

What makes someone a “cosmopolatino” ? Someone accepting of new ideas about everything… music, literature, art, fashion, culture and willing to contribute to the movement by simply supporting it.