Introducing…DJ Cedeño

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We can’t tell if she loves her hair more than her music, but this young lady DJ has quickly earned a name in the Chicago scene. She knows her beats and aspires to spin for a 50,000+ crowd one day. Formerly part of the INDIEcent parties. If you haven’t heard Cedeño yet, be on the look out for her  multifaceted tastes and abilities.

Brenda Cedeño
Age: 22
Where do you live now: Chicago
Day job: AT&T Mobility

Where were you and what were you doing 5 years ago? I was in Aurora doing events/house parties and starting my DJ-ing journey.

Current obsessions/addictions: Producing and working out.

Last book you read: How To DJ Right: The Art And Science Of Playing Records (GOOD TIPS).

When did you start doing DJ-ing, Why? I started DJ-ing at age 16. I love the way the DJ controls my body and feeling on the dance floor through his song selections. The first DJ I met was Emeric P, I met him through the club scene and he taught me a little about the life of a DJ and showed me the basics. I knew I wanted to be a part of this world and ever since then I’ve been in it.

How do you define your sound? There’s really no way to describe by style. I always try to keep it unique, different  through my sets.

What is your favorite album/record of all time? House: “I Heart the Music in My Soul” (Solid Groove) Electro Crunk: Bonde Do Role “Gasolina” (Crookers) Techno: “Slip”  (Deadmau5) Electronica: “Simple” (Siriusmo) Indie Dance: “Ice Cream” (Herve) Tribal: “Dance Me” (Mario Ochoa) Chilango Drums: “Prehispanik Drums” (DJ Antena) Hip-Hop Dance: “Bump” (Switch)

Who do you listen to when you’re not spinning? The Doors, Switch, Different types of rock, old school hip hop, jazz and dance music.

If you could work with any artist/DJ/producer in the world, who would you choose to collaborate with? I would love to collaborate  with  Switch, Boys Noize, Justice, Deadmau5, Miss Kittin, Pharrell Williams, Crookers, Grove Man, Tiga, dubfire, M.I.A, Missy Elliot and The Doors.

Do you have a piece of equipment you can’t gig with out? My hair!

Do you use a set list when you spin? It depends on the event and the crowd, but I do like to prepare a set. I see it as a presentation, like how is the crowd going to react to it. They’re either going to like it and dance all through my set or hate it and not dance.

What would be your dream venue to headline? I really don’t care…I just want to DJ in front of 50,000 people.

How did you come up with your DJ name? My DJ name is actually my last name, I chose that for my father who has 3 girls and no boys.

Laptop DJs vs. vinyl? They’re both cool, whatever makes the people dance and as long as the DJ is doing a great job. No cheating! I think every DJ should know how to do vinyl, CD and laptop… not just one thing.

Where do you buy your music? Beatport, Amazon, and the Beatsource.

How do you discover new music? Digging in the Internet, myspace, beatport, google, music website and blogs for hours.

Current projects? Working on my first EP and mix tape.

Plans for the future? A surprise.