Introducing…DJ Resistol 5000

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If you’ve ever attended an alternative music concert in Chicago in the last decade, you have likely heard a mix from Eduardo Calvillo. As the host of the longest running Latino indie music radio show, Rock Sin Anestesia on WLUW 88.7 FM , he has given local acts and international acts a mic to air their sounds week after week. A walking encyclopedia of local music, DJ Resistol 5000 always hits the spot during his sets.

Eduardo Calvillo
Age: ??
Roots: Mexican Rock &Roll
Where do you live now: Ukranian Village(Chicago)
Day Job: Consultant

Where were you and what were you doing 5 years ago? Estaba en Mexico arreglando mis documentos Migratorios

Current obsessions/addictions: Coleccionar Peliculas del Santo y Vintage cassetes

Movie that best represents your life: Operacion 67 (Con Santo y Jorge Rivero)

Last book you read: The Pitchfork 500 by Scott Plagenhoef

When did you start doing DJ-ing Why? I started in 2000 by an invite by the  House of Blues to open for a show from ” Rock en tu Idioma” (creo que KINKY)

How do you define your sound? Garage-Indie

How did you come up with your DJ name? A friend suggested it and I liked it (Gracias Jesuchikis!),es un pegamento que se utiliza  para drogarse ,lo pones en una bolsita de plastico y a Inhalar!!

What constitutes a bad or good listening audience? I dont think theres good or bad audiences, I just think theres good or bad Djs who need to adapt to the mood of the audience.

Have you spinned in in other cities? Why Chicago? Only Chicago, not sure why…….

Whats your favorite phrase/saying you use to kill time on the mic? or hype up an audience? I’m not that kind of DJ (I hate that!)

Where they hang out when not DJing (clubs/parties)? Mostly Bars, Cobra Lounge,Delilahs,Cleo’s,Sonotheque Djs:  DJ Chuck Wren,DJ Slacky J, DJ Cesar Perez.

2009 music predictions (LATINO, can be songs, trends, artists): El Regreso de la Onda Sonidera

Song that gets people dancing every time (LATINO): Cumbia del Rio, by Celso Pina

Guilty pleasure (song/music genre): Son Cubano (Omara Portuondo)

Laptop djs vs. vinyl? Solo toco Cds porque la musica que toco casi no existe en Vinyl, mis respetos para los que tocan con Vinyl,NO puedo decir lo mismo de los que tocan con laptop, muy su onda.

Where they buy their music (do you pay for it….)? En Mexico,la mayoria,aqui no se consigue,de repente encuentras cosas en Ia Internet

How do you discover new music? En My Space,algunas,o preguntando a los Artistas que vienen a tocar a Chicago,etc.

Current projects? Promoting new bands

Plans for the future? Seguir hacia adelante en el “Music Business”