Introducing…DJ Scarecrow

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He likes to spin “what you didn’t know you wanted but you will like it,” his organic look on life guides his work. Scarecrow earned the DJ part to his name as the the guy with the largest CD collection back in the day. He’s lived up to his name and is now part of several musical projects in the city including the band [.DESCARGA.]. El Gran Ivan’s page will tell you more.

Name: Hector Ivan Garcia
Age: 34
Roots: Mexican American
Day job: Videographer

Where were you and what were you doing 5 years ago? Hmmm…. I think was still working as an Office support assistant a law office in downtown Chicago,en route to being their I.T. guy.

Current obsessions/addictions? The environment (not so much the entire planet but the one I find myself in where ever I am at)

Movie that best represents your life? My life would best be described by A ClockWork Orange. I guess it’s the accepting and rejecting of nature vs. nurture as a form/excuse to define your life and existence.  I am just not happy with either option. Still looking for something else even if there’s nothing else.

Last book you read: The DVX handbook.  It’s good to be prepared on the battlefield.

When did you start doing DJ-ing,  Why? Kinda happened by default. Among my friends, I was the guy with the most CD’s. We are talking early to mid 90’s (before internet downloading). People would just ask me to bring my collection to their “get-togethers”.  Eventually I started organizing events in the late 90’s on the south side of Chicago incorporating DJ’s and live bands with, the now defunct, Apocalypse Entertainment.

How do you define your sound? My sound is basically a mixture of giving them what “they want” mixed in with something “they didn’t expect” and watching their response.  I’d call it a constant experiment on human behavior.

What is your favorite album/record of all time? Well this is a cop-out, but Ramones Mania. It’s the first compilation they put out and quite frankly I am not a fan of albums just because most of the time it’s the label telling you what you can or can’t release for what ever reason.  Songs are individual works of art. Unless it’s a concept album, then that’s a whole other thing.

Who do you listen to when you’re not spinning? I try to listen to people. Everyone has a story to tell. Animals too.  You’d think it’d be easier to talk to them ’cuz they don’t have “hidden agendas” but it’s still tough for me.  My cats are always trying to tell me something.  I try to listen. So far I just know “hungry” and “bored”.

If you could work with any artist/DJ/producer in the world, who would you choose? I think great works have happened through collaborations. I’d be foolish to think that just because Cafe Tacvba was able to jam with David Byrne that I could just pop in and create something just as kick ass.  The chemistry is something you find out when you allow the moment to happen. May work, may not. But if I were being completely coo-coo and insisted on “rape” collaboration with someone and not cared what happened nor what laws I were breaking in the process…I guess it would be….Les Claypool (Primus), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Chemical Brothers and Brian Eno.

Do you have a piece of equipment you can’t gig with out? Just my laptop. My days of caring my briefcases of CD’s are over.  I know DJ’s that spin on vinyl are like “…oh quit complaining”. They can go f themselves! Unless they are volunteering to carry my milk crates, they should shut the f*ck up.

What would be your dream venue to headline? “Dream venues” are just that ,a dream. I don’t look to play anywhere other than where I am invited. Kinda like a vampire that way.  You gotta want me to be there it essentially gives me free reign to do what ever I want to you Bwahahahah!

Do you have a favorite DJ? Well, Chicago has a bunch of great world renowned DJ’s.  I could list a crapload. But I think I just stopped caring who was “the hottest” or “the baddest”.  I just care about the physical space I am in and how that particular DJ is reaching me.

How do you feel about popular music today? It is what it is because we allow it to be that way. Popular music is defined by radio and TV. Quite frankly I think with the internet so readily available, the bottom line is everyone is a DJ. Select whatever you want. You just have to be able to say to yourself, “I  want to hear this because I want to.” Tougher than it sounds, actually.

How do you feel you influence your genre? I’d have to make a genre first, I suppose. I am an advocate for good times. Definitely an ambassador for new music as well.

How did you come up with your DJ name? Scarecrow is a song by one of favorite bands, Ministry.  I myself am tall and lanky, so it suited me.

Have you spinned in other cities? I go where I am invited. Chicago is a great music town. What better place?

Where do you hang out when not DJing? Maybe becuz I spend a majority of my time exposing new/different artists that I like going to retro-type places. I like Neo on Thursdays. Enchufate events are cool.  Y pues lo que recomienda Remezcla por seguro. 😉 (…ah que barbon, verdad?)

2009 music predictions: Looking for more rock n’ roll from the Latin world. Also psychodelia.

Guilty pleasure: I like that iCarly song. 70’s Latin disco era, and duets with a guy and the girl i.e. Pimpinela, Monchy y Alexandra, Cash and Carter.

Laptop DJs vs. vinyl? It’s technology. Dig it or don’t. I do.

Where do you buy your music? I have a lot of music sent to me from labels. But usually I try to by from the musician themselves when they are touring. It gives me a personal satisfaction to know I “supported” them and their endeavors.

How do you discover new music? I like when people drop me a line and suggest bands. “Hey have you heard…?” is a great first line to read on an email.

Current projects? I am jammin’ with Alpha Channel Ghosts. Mixture of music and ambiance created in the moment. Constantly evolving the Latin alternative band [.DESCARGA.] and continuing to explore the world of video and the visual element.

Plans for the future? Get back to me after 2012.  If you still exist and any of this matters… we’ll chat again.