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After a serious career in Spain and Europe, DJ. Turmix packed up his records and hit the East Coast. Three months in, and he has already established residency at Brooklyn’s Bembe, a favorite spot for solid grooves. We tracked him down as he was preparing for his other new gig at Le Poisson Rouge to find out just exactly what music means to him.

Name: DJ. Turmix

Age: 35

Roots: Spain

Where do you live now: Manhattan

When did you start DJing, and why? It has been my passion since I was 8-9 years old. The first time I had contact with music was when my big brother worked in a radio station. He had 2 turntables in his room. When my brother went to work, I would go in and play music. My first inspiration to be a professional DJ was the video of Beat Dis from Bomb the Bass in 1988.

How do you define your sound? Afro-Latin-house-Grooves from clubs, and Latin roots, Boogaloo, rare grooves and raw funk for lounge. Also depending on the place and the people, I like to improvise, but I always include horns and percussion.

How did you come up with your DJ name? In 1991, in a private party in the mountains near Barcelona, one friend who was a heavy metal fan came up to me when I was spinning and said, “Wow you mix everything, you are like a Turmix” (Turmix is a Spanish brand of a blender).

Where were you and what were you doing 5 years ago? Enjoying the life in Barcelona and playing in different clubs, like the last 19 years.

What is the biggest difference between DJing in Barcelona and New York? Schedule. The clubs in BCN close at 6am and the people go out after to dance. Until 2 am, approximately, the clubs are empty.

A lot of people complain that New Yorkers don’t dance, what do you think? It’s true. Here the people speak more, but there are exceptions, like Bembe, where the people dance all night. This reminds me of Spain.

Have you spun in other cities? In the USA, only in NY, but in Europe at the acclaimed sessions of the 26th annual Cully Jazz Fesitval in Switzerland (2008), Raw Tempal in Berlin, Ibiza, an other sities in Spain.

Where do you spin here in NY? At Bembe, and I just started a new residency the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Le Poisson Rouge, called Timeless Grooves with DJ Turmix and Guest.

Where do you hang out when not DJing? I’m new in the city, I came here 3 months ago, but I always Bembe and Cielo, Love, SOB’s, Que Bajo. I like DJ Sabo, Nickodemus, and I love the cocktails at Hotel Carlyle with eh Loston Harris Trio.

What constitutes a good crowd? When the people don’t come up to me to request songs, when I spin and when the people enjoy and smile. This is the best gift for me.

Song that gets people dancing every time: Hector Lavoe, “Mi Gente” (the Louie Vega remix).

Guilty pleasure: Henry Mancini and swing orchestras from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Laptop djs vs. vinyl? I don’t like to play with a laptop, I prefer vinyl or CD. I need to use my hands.

Where do you buy your music? NY is a paradise, because there are many more record shops than in Barcelona for vinyl. I also buy on different music web sites.

Current projects? I am preparing my first album: Electronic trends with nu-jazz, big beat, afro-house, Latin breaks..

Biggest challenges as a DJ? To play every night of the week in my new life in NYC.

Plans for the future? The future is now.

2009 music predictions: Candela Allstars. I like the combination of Afrobeat with Latin of Afro Lima, and I like the latest trends of Soca when they are mixed with house and Afro, and for the next year, I think dancehall classics will return, with more afro rhythms with salsa.

Your favorite late night binge: I don’t remember, I was drunk, haha.

Current obsessions/addictions: The music, my wife Aliza, dancing, cocktails, Spanish tapas, the wacky tobacky.

Best recent meal: Sushi, with my wife at a Japanese restaurant call Nori in the East Village.

Last book you read: The autobiography of Groucho Marx.

What makes someone a “cosmopolatino”? Open mind, honesty, respect and rhythm!

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Upcoming gigs:
Le Poisson Rouge – 3rd Wednesday of every month
Bembe – February 27th