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New York-based multilingual electro-pop/rock band The Fire and Reason started playing around town in 2006, but have really taken off in recent months, developing a definite presence and following in the downtown music scene.  Peforming for the first time in Chicago on December 6th, super-hot singer Bella Saona and the man behind the music, Steve Narvaez, took the time to answer some of our questions. Name: Bella Saona (Vocals), Steve Narvaez (Guitars/Beats) [+ Lee Greenman (Bass)]

Age: Bella: 19; Steve: 28

Roots: Bella: Italian/Brazilian Steve: Ecuadorian

Where do you live now: NYC and LI

Where are you answering these questions from? My Home

Day job: Bella: Model Steve: Labor Union

Where were you and what were you doing 5 years ago? Bella: in Highschool Steve: Singing for the Rocktronic Hard Rock band RADIATE

Current obsessions/addictions: Bella: Gossip Girl, Coach bags, clothes, of course Steve: Hot Beats– My Drum Machine

Guilty pleasure(s): Bella: Girly TV shows and movies LOL Steve: ughh Gossip Girl is ok

Recent musical discovery: Bella: Estelle–I love “American Boy,” and The Ting Tings Steve: I LOVE L.A. Riots!!

Best recent meal: Steve: My moms food the other night Bella: Steve’s moms food the other night LOL

Movie that best represents your life: Steve: Purple Rain Bella: Carmen

Last book you read: Steve: Dream Brother (Biography on Tim and Jeff Buckley) Bella: 11 Minutes by Paolo Coelho

Do you have any tattoos? Steve: an imperfect star– uhm I was young and stupid…

Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon? Bella: on a photo or video shoot  Steve: at work…

Heroes (besides your parents)? Steve: Jeff Buckley, Prince Bella: Shakira, Angelina Jolie

When did you start The Fire and Reason? Why? 2006– because we felt that the music we wanted to be hearing was not out there, so we wanted to make it ourselves! It’s been an amazing experience. We have gotten to travel all over the world, playing and making music, and there is no stopping us now!

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you before? It’s dancey, poppy, sexxy, electro-rock– Our songs are what you listen to as you are getting ready to go out. I like music that gets you hyped up for a night out on the town!

What’s the meaning behind your name? The Fire and Reason is actually a line from one of the first songs that was ever written for this project. Before I met Steve he had written a song called “Ouch” which had the line “I am The Fire and The Reason, Don’t underestimate this sound, this sound.” When we decided to work together we were kicking around different names (we almost called ourselves The Amazon, because the Amazon river flows through both Ecuador and Brazil LOL), he suggested that name and it was perfect. The name has sort of taken on a life of its own, because people always ask us: “Ok who is the Fire and who is The Reason”, referring to myself and Steve– So we like to leave it open to people’s own interpretation!

What Brazilian/Ecuadorian influences are there in TFAR? Well we have songs in Spanish and Portuguese– We have some Baile Funk influences on some tracks– so we are PROUD of our Latino roots and we love to get people to shake their butts on stage with us!

Where have you performed? Everywhere in NYC/Brooklyn where you might want to play– some places that don’t even exist anymore… One regret for me (Bella) is I never got to play CBGBs before they closed down– Steve and Lee have both played there various times– LOL.

Plans for the future? We are working on finishing our first full length album that will be released in Spring 09 on Larry Tee’s (originator of electroclash and responsible for launching so many groups’ careers like Peaches, Princess Superstar, Scissor Sisters, etc.) new label, so look out for it!
What makes someone a “cosmopolatino”? That’s a great term! It’s someone that is Latino by birth, but then incorporates everything else around them to come up with something totally NEW and HOT–while still retaining the Latin flavor– I LOVE IT!!

Anything else? We are performing at this years CMJ Music Marathon on Thursday October 23rd! Would love to have mi Latinos down to shake their asses with me!!

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