Is Selena Gomez Still Planning on Retiring From Music?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Last year, Selena Gomez shocked her fans by saying she wanted to retire from making music. She expressed feeling frustrated that her music wasn’t taken seriously by the music industry and critics. Cut to a year later, the singer and actress is staying firm on her decision. 

While doing press for the final installment of Hotel Transylvania earlier this week (Jan. 11), Gomez told USA Today that she doesn’t view retirement as leaving forever. “I just want to maybe take a step back, but I’m not doing that anytime soon,” she explained.

Back in March last year, Gomez told Vogue that it was often hard to continue making music when she felt that people didn’t necessarily take her seriously. “I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire music,” she said. 

But then Gomez turned a tide. Her authenticity and hard work made an impact on both fans and the music industry. The “Baila Conmigo” singer gave it another shot by putting out her first Spanish-language EP, Revelación, which ended up being nominated for Best Latin pop album at the 2022 Grammy Awards. 

Last week, Gomez told People that she’s excited about Revelación’s nomination because of the work she poured into the album. “I wanted to make sure that we were covering all bases, that the words were beautiful, that it matched where I was in my life and that every little part of the song sounded authentic. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Last Nov., Gomez took to social media to post about her Grammy nomination and to show gratitude to her team and fans by sharing a picture from her music video for “De Una Vez.” 

Gomez continues to be true to herself and in doing so, reminds us to never take her for granted. Regardless of when Gomez’s break from music happens, we’ll be patiently waiting for her return.