Is There Really a Secret, Underground Underage Club in Old San Juan?

Lead Photo: Photo by Getty Images.
Photo by Getty Images.
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An alleged “clandestine club for minors” inside an Old San Juan, Puerto Rico restaurant, various local outlets reported Sunday, was discovered by police. Entry to the supposed speakeasy is via a Coca-Cola vending maching facade that’s actually a door.

Video obtained by Tu Noticia PR shows–after what viewers are to presume is the police opening the door and entering, which is not actually shown–what appears to be a bustling underground nightclub where few people, if any, are wearing masks.

Police say they had been looking for a missing minor whose cell phone showed their location on a nearby street.

Management, who they found outside washing the sidewalk, gave police permission to enter the establishment, although they did note the restaurant was closed.

Rivera Hermanas Café and Teatro Restaurant shared a video on Facebook today that seems to mock the semi-viral accusations:

Posted by Rivera Hermanas Cafe & Teatro Rest. on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

They’ve also recently posted an invitation for anyone in Old San Juan come try their carme frita encebollada with arroz mamposteado—along with the hashtag #puertadecocacola.

In the about section, the restaurant is described as selling “Caribbean food” and a bit of international food in a “family environment.” Priority number one: that clients leave satisfied.

REMEZCLA reached out to the restaurant for comment, but has yet to receive a response.