It Looks Like Calle 13’s Taking an Indefinite (Possibly Forever?) Break

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Calle 13 performed their last show as Calle 13 in Canada on Sunday before an indefinite hiatus, according to Fusion. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Though they’ve been one of the most critically-acclaimed and popular Latin American groups in the last 10 years, lately they’ve been working on other things. Residente has been posting about his side projects, and Visitante has also kept busy producing albums for other artists. Though Fusion notes that the band hasn’t made any official statements on their status, from the tone of their social media activity, it seems like they said their goodbyes to the group on Sunday.

Residente, who formerly flaunted his Calle 13-ness through his Twitter handle, now simply goes by Residente as of this weekend. In June, he told Efe that Calle 13 would never break up, despite posting pictures of himself working on a new album. Instead, he said at the time, he was working on the “most ambitious project” of his career, which would allow him to “also collaborate with the rest of the world.”

Visitante recently produced albums for Monsieur Periné and Swing Original Monks, and he’s currently working with Vicente Garcia, Chambao, and Diana Fuentes. Visitante told Vice that this break would be necessary so that they could continue to work on other projects. Visitante also has a new Facebook page, where he goes by Eduardo Cabra – Vistante. As for PG-13, she’s always up to something, so follow her on her often-updated social media accounts for more.