Ivy Queen Re-Records Her Feminist Reggaeton Anthem “Quiero Bailar” With Female-Led Sound Engineers

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Spotify Newsroom.
Courtesy of Spotify Newsroom.
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Even when she was one of the only female artists in reggaeton, Ivy Queen used her music to sharply sound off on women’s issues. Her song, “Quiero Bailar,” is still among the most iconic and empowering anthems in reggaeton, as well as a reminder of every woman’s agency on the dance floor. In time for International Women’s Day, Ivy Queen brought the track to life again in a spectacular way: She teamed up with Spotify to re-record ”Quiero Bailar” with a female-led team.

Spotify released a short video that shows how the legendary reggaeton matriarch collaborated with engineers from Spotify’s EQL Residency Program, a partnership between Spotify, Berklee College of Music, and Electric Lady Studios that promotes women with careers in music. In the clip, Queen says that she never thought the song would continue being such a significant part of music history, but explains how meaningful it is to recreate it with a group of women.

“It’s the first time I’ve worked surrounded completely by women,” she said. “The engineering, the mixing, it’s all women.”

According to a press release, Spotify’s EQL Residency Program launched October 2018, and has since helped female engineers find full-time opportunities that give them experiences in the studio and access to mentorship. Spotify’s Director of Social Impact Kerry Steib shared that having the EQL participants work with Queen was “an incredible culmination” of the program’s first year.

In the video, EQL participant Taylor Pollock points out that only five percent of women hold jobs as mixers, engineers, producers in the music industry.

“There’s a lot of really talented women out there,” adds Jeanne Montalvo Lucar, another participant in the video. “Unfortunately, a lot of times people will give those opportunities to a man.”

The track not only marks an exciting way to celebrate International Women’s Day. It speaks to the enduring power of Ivy Queen and her dedication to keeping women at the forefront.

“Women are more than just hair and makeup and stylists. It’s my job as a leading female to make sure they are given a chance,” she said in a statement. “I have the power to make that happen by using my influence and it is something that I am very aware of as I continue this journey.”