J Balvin Releases Deluxe Edition of ‘José’ & Music Video for ‘F40’

Lead Photo: Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images.
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images.
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J Balvin’s discography has expanded. The Colombian rapper recently released a deluxe edition of his latest album, José.

Balvin’s sixth album released this past September with 24 tracks. Remezcla called José “a carefully curated collection of tracks that vacillates between nostalgic early J Balvin vibes; the EDM meets trap streaming-friendly behemoths that translate well for his newfound global audience; and his signature more melodic ‘sexy,’ as he calls them, moments.”

Those moments are now increased with five additional songs, including “F40” featuring Arcángel and “Ego.” There are also three “In Da Getto” remixes by Chris Lorenzo, the Martinez Brothers, and Henry Fong. Along with the new tracks, Balvin released a music video for “F40.”

The new video starts with a red Ferrari revving up its engine. It cuts to Balvin rapping inside an empty warehouse about why he is considered a legend. He compares himself to the late Puerto Rican salsa singer Héctor Lavoe.

The video then slows down and transitions to a scene where men in yellow coats are transferring stacks of one-hundred-dollar bills in containers back and forth. There also seems to be someone welding a metal column in the background.

When the album was first released, Balvin told Remezcla that in this album, it’s the first time he’s talking with “a little bit of [an] ego” — compared to what he usually puts out. “It has a little bit of flex,” he said before adding in first-person: “I’m giving credit to J Balvin for being a warrior and making a statement being from Colombia. I really want to be a living legend and to inspire people around the world.”

Watch the “F40” video below: