This Guatemalan J Balvin Lookalike Had People Confused As Hell at a Recent Concert

Lead Photo: Photo by Santiago Solorzano for Remezcla
Photo by Santiago Solorzano for Remezcla
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This week, J Balvin is in Guatemala for the Gira Refrescante Pepsi 2017 – a three-date tour, which ends today. On Tuesday, he and Zion & Lennox performed at Campo Marte in Guatemala City, where 39-year-old Freddy Bolaños became one of the main attractions. See, Bolaños – seated in the VIP area during the concert – shares a resemblance to the Colombian reggaetonero. His friends dared him to dye his hair the same cotton-candy shade Balvin’s rocked for some time now. (Balvin, on the other hand, most definitely chose this My Little Pony look of his own free will.)

“They dyed it in my house, and it was painful,” he told PubliNews. “The dare was to then go to the concert and see if people confused me for him.”

And they did. The publication notes that many people shared images where they misidentified Bolaños as Balvin.  Others, though, just got a kick out of it, and still stopped him to take photos as the concert went on.