J Balvin Shares How Professional Help Got Him Through Months of ‘Hell’ with Depression

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan
Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan
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J Balvin has been nothing but honest about his mental health struggles in recent months. While the 34-year-old Colombian reggaetonero has seen consistent success in his career – he’s even nominated for two Latin Grammys this year — it doesn’t mean he’s immune to depression or anxiety. Instead, Balvin has adamantly used his platform as an urbano superstar to normalize experiences of mental illness for his fans. His latest take to Instagram is just the most recent example.

In past concerts and social media posts, Balvin has highlighted the fact that everyone — including artists who are seemingly on top of the world — can struggle with periods of darkness. In September, Balvin spoke at length during the interlude of “La Cancion” about mental health. He stressed how, while it’s a topic many do not want to discuss for fear of being marked as “crazy,” it isn’t at all like that.

In a clip of the event, he assures his fans that it’s “normal” and that they are “not alone” in their experiences. “I, José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, have suffered from anxiety and depression in my life, and every day I keep going through more,” he confessed. Fans cheered in support, proving that there were plenty in the audience who could relate.

That said, while struggles like Balvin’s are shared among many, they can still feel impossible to overcome. Yet in his latest social media posts, the reggaetonero has continued to use himself as an example of how help and recovery are achievable. In a video posted to Instagram, Balvin revealed that he is feeling better after seeking out the help of mental health professionals.

“I want to thank you all for the good vibes. After two months, I’ve left this chapter of anxiety and depression. Thanks to God, thanks to the professionals, to medication, and thanks to you for the support. Definitely, sometimes we don’t prioritize these things, but we can always learn to,” he said in the video.

He also took to Twitter to express how these two months were “hell,” but he is now feeling on top of the world. “Seek professional help,” he wrote. Here’s to hoping that anyone struggling will follow suit.