J Balvin Opens up About His Struggles With Mental Health on Becky G’s ‘En la Sala’

Lead Photo: Photo by Orli Arias. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Orli Arias. Courtesy of the artist
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“I was just crying for no reason. Didn’t want to wake up. Didn’t want to live,” says J Balvin on Becky G’s Amazon Music podcast “En La Sala.”

“En La Sala” is a brand-new multimedia podcast hosted and curated by Becky G, exclusively available on Amazon Music. Each week, Becky G will be joined by some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, her familia and friends, to discuss Latinx pride, women empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, relationships, politics and sports, all while unpacking the most important issues facing the Latinx community today.

The Latina star has been open about her own struggles with mental health, which she shared via an Instagram Story in 2019. Becky G, joined by J Balvin, and trauma therapist/podcaster Adriana Alejandre, to explore the stigmatization of mental health which exists in the Latin community. Together, Becky, Balvin, and Alejandre, discuss how Latinx culture initially prevented them from seeking help and how it informed their present commitment to mental health awareness.

Balvin, who has also suffered from anxiety and depression since childhood, has committed himself to destigmatizing treatment both in his music and on social media. “I’ve been shaking since I was a kid…I just didn’t know it was anxiety,” he says when discussing his own struggles with mental health and finding the help he needed to get through some dark days.

“Embarking on our mental health journeys as individuals and sharing that with our fans has been something very sacred to us,” said Becky. “We love feelings aqui en la sala.”

You can watch the episode here.