J Balvin Ties a Record, Drops a New Video, and Angers Fans In One Week

Lead Photo: Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images
Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images
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J Balvin has been doing the most this week.

J Balvin has tied a monumental record with his latest single, a collaboration with Skrillex, “In Da Getto.” Not only is the song his latest No. 1 single on Billboard’s Latin Airplay charts, but it is also his 31st No 1. For context, that is as if J Balvin had one No 1 hit for every day in the month of October. Currently, Balvin is tied with Enrique Iglesias for 31 No. 1 hits. Iglesias has held that title since 1996. 

While it did take a few years for Balvin to get to this record-tying accomplishment, it wasn’t a long time in music years. His first No. 1 came in 2014 with “6 AM,” a song off his album La Familia that featured Farruko. 

His latest release with Tokischa, “Perra” dropped 48 hours ago (Sept 7) and already has 1.5 million views on YouTube. “Perra” is the first single off his newly announced album Jose

It’s important to note that this video has garnered negative responses due to some concerning imagery. Balvin was seen walking two Afro-Latinas in “Perra” and fans are side-eyeing and rightfully pointing out that the optics are bad. It’s gone so far as some calling him misogynistic and racist.

Some tweeted out comments like, “That image of J Balvin carrying two Black people with a leash as if they were his dogs will never leave my mind. Scarred for life.”

Others were blatant in calling out what they believe to be the appropriation of a culture that he is not part of but that he profits from.

And others called out his misogyny in “Perra” and the lyrics that make up the song in general.

Jose is dropping on Friday, September 10.