Jarabe de Palo Cancels Tour After Pau Dones’ Cancer Operation

Jarabe de Palo has canceled their upcoming tour after singer Pau Donés underwent colon cancer operation. Yesterday, the band shared a video on Facebook, where Donés talked about how over the course of 20 days he went from what he thought was a stomach ache to having a life-saving operation. Now, his doctor has ordered him to rest up. Donés also took the time to tell fans that they should take care of their health, and he thanked the Barcelona hospital where he filmed the video.

Billboard reports that the now-canceled Jarabe de Palo tour was going to start on Oct. 6 in Cambridge, and would have hit Portland, Madrid, Lima, and Barcelona. Donés said that the rest of the year would be a no-go for him. He said, “For this year, we won’t be able to do it, but next year, we’ll see each other.”