Free Download: Javiera Mena "Hasta La Verdad" Remixes

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Javiera Mena was one of the two big female revelations of 2010 that crossed over from the Chilean scene to international notoriety. The other was, of course, Anita Tijoux.

Hasta La Verdad,” the first single for her sophomore release Mena and the #4 song on our Best Tracks of 2010, is the song that put the indie-pop chanteuse on the map earlier this year, in part thanks to its irresistibly funky back beat, a great combination for her laid-back vocals. The song had undeniable dance-floor potential and this recently released collection of free remixes, done by the likes of dapuntobeat, Rebolledo, and fellow Best Tracker Chileans Astro, came to prove exactly that.

Well, actually not all the eight remixes aim toward the dance direction, but I’m a DJ and I can’t help focusing on those. My personal favorite, for example, was the one done by Spain’s prime female DJ, Eme DJ, who made this song into a straight-up, funky disco anthem, but there are other remixes that go exactly in the opposite direction, focusing on the intimate side of Javiera’s voice and lyrics.

Besides the remixes, the release comes with an exquisite acoustic version of the song done by Miss Mena and her guitar, as a bonus track.

Download the whole thing here –> (via Welikeit.indie), because for some reason it takes approximately 57 years to download it from her site, but download some of our favorites below for a quick test drive.