Video: Javiera Mena – "Luz de Piedra de Luna"

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Since she last wielded swords and bedazzled us with her eye-catching accessories in her previous video “Primera Estrella,” the mistress of disco pop Javiera Mena returns again with another video and fourth single from her breakthrough sophomore Mena. This time directed by Spain’s audiovisual makers Canada Editorial (Los Punsetes, Pegasvs), these MV directors/producers take it down many notches from their signature works of eloquent story narration and fantasy induced elements. Though considering the collabos of Canada and this Chilean singer-songwriter’s peak in her career, having showcased at prestigious world festivals this year and currently in production of a highly anticipated junior album for 2013, one would expect fancy camera shots, over the top graphics, or day-glo psychedelic imagery. But no. They just needed a camera, simple graphics, a green screen, and Javiera’s longing, and beautiful intense eyes. She looks gorgeous and we’re in love again.

[insert-video youtube=atjmVa8k-vc]

Download Javiera Mena’s sophomore album Mena below: