Jenni Rivera Releases Posthumous Album ‘Misión Cumplida’ & ‘Pedacito de Mi’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Patty Gregory.
Photo by Patty Gregory.
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Ten years after her passing, Jenni Rivera’s legacy is as strong as ever. On June 30, her five children–Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Mike, and Johnny–released her posthumous and final album, Misión Cumplida. With the LP release, the Rivera Estate also unveiled a new music video for “Pedacito de Mi,” featuring Chiquis and Jacqie.

“Misión Cumplida means so much to us for so many reasons,” Chiquis said in a press release. “It has been an honor to help our mother, who sacrificed so much for us. We finally got to finish this project that her fans have been waiting so patiently for.”

She continued, “It was definitely a healing process for us, her children, because we felt her so close to us during this production. It’s like she was still here teaching us, guiding us, and helping us grow. This project is something we are extremely proud of, and we are so excited to finally deliver it to her loving fans.”

The new album, produced by Banda MS’ Sergio Lizarraga and Pavel Ocampo opens with an intro featuring Jenni speaking amidst a live performance. The music starts with a new version of “Q.T.M.L. (El Corrido de La Diva),” which delivers Jenni’s signature and resilient IDGAF mood. Next up is “Engañémoslo,” a song about cheating on someone who deserved it. The album continues with the Chayito Valdés cover “El Que Hoy Está En Tu Lugar” and “Hablando Claro.” We then hear a cover of the classic song “Que Me Entierren Cantando” and the heartfelt tracks “Motivos” and “Aparentemente Bien.”

The back half starts with a raw interlude called “Pedacito de Mí (Interludio).” It continues with another heartfelt live speech titled “Legado (Reflexión)” and a fuller version of “Pedacito de Mí,” featuring Chiquis and Jacqie. It’s followed by “Misión Cumplida,” the first single off the final LP. The record ends with alternative versions of the singles mentioned above, including “Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar (Versión Sencillo),” Engañémoslo (Versión Mariachi – Versión Sencillo),” “Motivos (Versión Sencillo),” and “Aparentemente Bien (Versión Sencillo).”

With the highly-anticipated album release, the Rivera Estate released a new music video for “Pedacito de M,i” featuring Chiquis and Jacqie. The video starts with a solo golden microphone as Jenni’s words from “Legado (Reflexión)” about being an empowering mother are heard. The video then shows Jenni’s family dressed in all white, and we see family photos on a wall. Her family is smiling while they show framed photos of memories with Jenni. In the song, Chiquis, Jacqie, and Jennika join their mother in the vocals singing the song Jenni wrote while pregnant with her youngest child, Johnny.

“This album is a representation of her whole life story and the fact that she completed what she came here to do,” Jacqui said in the same press release. “She left a mark and a legacy of inspiration.”

Watch the new video for “Pedacito de Mi” below.