Jennifer Lopez Walks Away From Man in New ‘Cambia El Paso’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of JLo/YouTube.
Courtesy of JLo/YouTube.
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We all know that hot girl summer is underway, but Jennifer Lopez is taking it to another level. JLo just dropped the video for “Cambia El Paso,” her latest single, featuring Rauw Alejandro, which was released earlier this week. The video features the singer frolicking around sandy beaches and strutting the streets of Miami after a tiff with a man. Her movements and choreography are accentuated with her rhinestoned bikini and booty shorts.

The video was shot just days after Lopez recorded it in Miami. Earlier this week, she spoke with Zane Lowe for his latest podcast episode of The Zane Lowe Show. “It is about change, and it is about taking a step… When things don’t feel right. When you need to change, cambia el paso.” she said about the song’s meaning. “That’s all you have to do. And for me, it resonated, it resonated right now. So, it was a great thing.”

The song and its accompanying video were recorded after her split from ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. Lopez spoke on heartbreak and how she handles it in the Zane Lowe interview. “I think some people really get inspired when they’re heartbroken to write music, when they’re in pain,” she said. “For me it’s the opposite — when I feel really good it’s when I really feel like I do my best music. And so I got back from the Dominican Republic, and I immediately notified everybody that I know and was like, ‘I want to get in the studio.’” From that studio time came “Cambia El Paso.”

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Lopez says she aims to strike an emotional chord in listeners with the song. It’s safe to say that you don’t just walk away with some sense of that emotion in the lyrics, but also the video, which has heaps of summer energy and also empowering scenes like one of Lopez confidently walking away from a man and giving him the middle finger.

Watch the ‘Cambia El Paso’ video below: