Listen: NEW J.Lo (written by Lady Gaga)

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Gaga might want to keep this one under wraps. According to Vulture, Jenny Lo’s newest track off her monosyllabically questionable album Love?, “Hypnotic,” was written by Lady Gaga and her producer RedOne, during what can only be explained as a late-night writing session gone wrong or a cocaine-induced blast back to Miami circa 1997. Do listen for laughs, it will probably be spun absolutely everywhere in about 3.5 hours, when all of South Beach rises up in ecstasy. Literally.

A couple of gems from the L’OrealGilletteAmerican-IdolLatin-empire-diva: “We’re just some silly heartbreakers tonight;” “Hungry for some yum yum, gonna get me some some;” “Wind up your body like you’re a boricua.”

Dust off your glow sticks and barbwire chokers, ladies. Jenny’s back.