Jenny69 Responds to Viral “La 69″ Criticism: “The Haters, I Never Pay Attention”

Lead Photo: Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Bretman Rock.
Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Bretman Rock.
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Jenny69 is speaking out to the media about the criticism surrounding her viral song, “La 69.” 

In a conversation with interviewer Pepe Garcia, the beauty influencer responded to “los haters” of her song, saying, “I never pay attention because I love the song. I worked hard on the song.” She goes on to say that she thinks people are not accustomed to seeing women in corridos. 

In another interview with Ryan Seacrest, she doubles down on the statement. “I think it’s because there’s actually not a lot of females in the game with that genre of music,” she says. “So, it’s really new, it’s real male-dominated, and I think that’s why it blew up. Also, everything I do is, like, viral.” She adds that she knew it would blow up, but not to the extent that it did. 

But it did blow up. As we reported earlier this week, her first track had well over three million views on YouTube — and now over four million. However, the song had four times as many dislikes as it did likes. The backlash to the track sparked endless memes on the internet — some even jokingly claiming it was her song that broke Facebook and Instagram earlier this week.

Jenny69 appears to be taking this all in stride. She says she wants to and plans on releasing more music in the future. While “La 69” is her first-ever song, in fact, she says it was “the first time she ever walked into the studio.” She adds that she wants to experiment with some reggaeton in the future. 

In the meantime, her current song continues with some serious momentum. It currently sits at 4.7 million views on YouTube and remains at No. 1 Trending. 

You can watch the trending video, below.