Exclusive Download: Joe Crepúsculo's "Enséñame a amar"

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Spanish singer/songwriter, Joël Iriarte, is Joe Crepúsculo. Born of a lo-fi creative, pirate-based promotion, his music is known for it’s profundity and nuance, sincerity and simplicity. The rocky elements balanced with folky twang, match well with his Weezer-whiney vocals. On this single “Enséñame a amar” off his forthcoming El Caldero is very happy in tone but even more delightful in message. The melody carries across with healthy progression, while drifting only momentarily into casual cadence. I’m most excited by Crepúsculo’s very solid hold of his home-made instruments and indie-garage aesthetic. His community commons, free web-sharing of his albums and art is something to be respected. He’s definitely a brilliant artist and creator. His video production is even more awesome with his countless collaborations and his mad indie drive. Enjoy this track and become a fan.

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