Video: Joe Crepúsculo – "Enséñame a amar"

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Barcelona’s rising indie alt’s Joe Crepúsculo has certainly maintained our attention with his creative works before the release of El Caldero, via Mushroom Pillow (who you may recall when we featured this track a few months back). Not only does this Catalan musician hone an interesting mix of happy-fi tempos with charming melancholy, but his overall DIY aesthetics and presentations make it quite difficult to pin point him as an optimist or one who likes manipulating sounds of “healthy progression” to unlikely realms. For one, check out his album artwork, the guy is being boiled under a witches cauldron on top of human cadavers in the safari. In this featured video for “Enséñame a amar” (teach me how to love), Joe, looking slightly psychotic (vacant or angry?), enters a ’60s game show in contest to pick one lucky lady for a date, who happens to be la Madrileña folk songstress Russian Red, but things may not turn out as it seems. Must watch!

[insert-video youtube=XuRWrsi57U4]