Jon Z Teamed Up With Sprayground for a Limited Edition ‘Jon Dragon Ball Z’ Backpack

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy PlaybookMG.
Photo courtesy PlaybookMG.
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Jon Z has teamed up with Sprayground to design a limited-edition Dragon Ball Z backpack. “Dragon Ball Jon Z” reimagines the “Go Loko” rapper as a character from the beloved show, and incorporates Z’s previous line of work – as a pizza delivery driver – into the design. The character boasts the same curly wave of hair as Z, and has a special pizza-throwing super power.

Sprayground backpacks are known for being one-off designs that are not massed produced – often causing them to be in high demand. But joining the brand with one of urbano’s most exciting voices is sure to make these instantly fly off the racks.

The special collaboration backpack will be available online starting July 28th here.