The death of José José is quickly turning into a dark novela episode – complete with feuding siblings, an allegedly missing body, and a throng of pushy reporters there to capture every step along the way.

The late Mexican singer’s two eldest children, Joel and Marysol Sosa, spent this last weekend in Miami trying to find answers as to where their late father’s remains were being kept, only to run into dead ends along the way. “You can’t tell me what’s happening? My dad isn’t here with you?” Joel Sosa asked a funeral director. “In this moment, he’s not. I have no information,” the director answered.

The relationship between the two oldest siblings and José José’s youngest – Sarita Sosa – has been strained, particularly since the late crooner’s announcement in 2017 that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, which prompted Sarita to move to Miami, drawing accusations of trying to profit from his legacy.

“We have every right to see my dad,” Marysol said to TV Azteca. “My half sister has a lot to explain to me and to all of Mexico. “Please, wherever you are, get in touch with us. I’ve been talking to you all day and I’m here, and I’ve been telling you since yesterday: I see my dad’s body, or I don’t believe anything.”

We’ll update the story as more information becomes available.