Listen: Juan Son's new band Aeiou

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I love supergroups. So many possibilities can arise. In this case, Juan Son, while recording his Mermaid Sashimi follow up, joined forces with the album’s producer and Blonde Redhead member Simone Pace, along with The Breeders’ Kelley Deal, and two others whose names I don’t think are spelled correctly on the Soundcloud page so I won’t even venture to butcher them and get a fact error. They go by the vowel-heavy name of Aeiou and just released this little ditty, “Vivimos in L.A.” on the inter webs. Of course, anything with Juan Son comes ripe with absurdity, so here’s how they describe the song:

We basically combined 2 songs, One is about Running away (in the lap of a crane) like the movies (“Honey I shrunk the kids” when they ride the bee) from a place (Possibly because of a crime or Felony because they were being persecutted and “Someone wanted to hang them”, and the other part is our response to the song, “Jenny from the block” by J-lo.

Fair point, but during the “Don’t call me mijo ’cause I’m not your son, call me papito” part I sense more Janet than J.Lo., particularly from the “My name ain’t baby. It’s Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” era. Juan Son’s voice is hushed and wispy as usual, and the music has a moodiness to it, but the whistling gives it that flighty feeling they were aiming for. As excited as we are to hear Juan Son’s new solo work, we’re hoping to hear more from Aeiou if all the songs are this charming and pleasant.

Listen to “Vivimos in L.A.” from Juan Son’s spontaneous new band Aeiou.

Photo by Javier Romero.