Juanes' New Gig: Newspaper Director for A Day

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Is Juanes Colombia’s answer to Bono and/or John Lennon? That seems more likely with each passing day. Colombian newspaper El Tiempo recently announced that the pop/rock artist will take over its operations for a day as General Director in honor of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace on Sept. 21st.

The special edition of the paper will run on Sept. 23rd with the theme “Es Tiempo De Cambiar,” which, not coincidentally, is a song by Juanes. “The idea is that the newspaper’s content will have a purposeful, optimistic, inclusive and hopeful vision, even though this isn’t the reality in the country,” said the artist-as-Citizen-Kane in El Tiempo.

The collaboration may come off as a huge “I’m more than just an artist, I CARE!” or “our newspaper’s profits are falling, we need to do something DRASTIC!!” type of stunt to some but die-hard Juanes fans shouldn’t be surprised. This is the guy trying to bring about world peace via his Paz Sin Fronteras series of concerts.

Speaking of which, the Juanes edition of El Tiempo coincides with a closing conference focused on peace and reconciliation in Colombia featuring Colombian governor Antonio Navarro Wolff and other speakers.

No word if the paper comes with a limited-edition camisa negra (sorry, we just had to!).