A Juan Gabriel Hologram Will Perform at a Tribute Concert for El Divo de Juarez

Lead Photo: Photo by Mandalay Bay
Photo by Mandalay Bay
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When Juan Gabriel passed away on August 28, 2016, he was in the midst of his MeXXIco Es Todo Tour. At 66 years old, Juanga was still at the top of his game. Just a day before his death, Billboard Associate Editor Griselda Flores wrote, “After watching Juan Gabriel give it his all during his concert at Los Angeles Forum Friday night (Aug. 26), it’s safe to say that the 66-year-old singer is the ultimate showman – and that his MeXXIco Es Todo Tour is a bucket list-worthy show.” Unfortunately, many missed their opportunity. But a new tribute concert will feature a hologram of the inimitable Juanga, according to Gustavo Farias, a producer organizing Eternamente Juan Gabriel.

In recent years, concert organizers have employed the hologram to give us posthumous performances from Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Jenni Rivera. And while, as Mic notes, the technology gives people a rare chance to experience these artists perform, it comes with a certain degree of creepiness. Though whoever runs a musicians’ estate has to approve the use of a hologram, for some – especially those who died before the technology became available – we’ll never know if they would have approved of such a use of their image.

Farias first hinted about the hologram back in December when Juanga’s son, Iván Aguilera, first revealed the tribute concert was taking place. “During performances, we will be showing images of Juan Gabriel but we have a very very big surprise,” he said at the time, according to Billboard. “I can’t say much yet but we will be using high quality technology.”

Now, that he’s in the home stretch, Farias is freely tweeting about it. The concert – scheduled for February 18 at the Foro Pegaso in the State of Mexico – will include performances from Natalia Lafourcade, John Forgerty, and Juanes.

According to Aguilera, the tribute will match the magic of one of the late superstar’s concerts. “We have the support of Mexico’s government to produce something of high quality, just like the concerts my father gave us,” he said. “It will be something very special where people will be able to relive the experience of watching their idol Juan Gabriel.”

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