Latin Bands Battle it Out for Julieta Venegas

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For years, Jack Daniels has been sponsoring cool Latin concerts around the country with the popular Studio N.7 Latin Series. This year, the liquor brand is helping promote up-and-coming Latin bands and artists with its  Buscando la Banda online contest. The winner, chosen by popular vote on the Buscando la Banda website, will be given the opportunity to open for Mexican singer Julieta Venegas in the new Studio N. 7 concert series  in April. The top 10 semifinalists have already been chosen. Here we give you a primer on each one and make sure to vote for your favorite at the Buscando la Banda website. Voting ends March 25th.


The Tampa-based Espiritus, comprised of Chris Ponard, José Sojo, Christian Maturano and Romolo Massari, represents a new generation of U.S. rock Latino. They have headlined a handful of festivals in the Southeast, and they’ve shared the stage with artists such as Café Tacuba and Maná. Their upcoming first album will be called Entre tus piernas. Woah!

Taxi Amarillo

Taxi Amarillo is a New York-based rock band formed by Chris, Bombie, Ricky and Steve. Their self-described goal is to “have you on hold” every time they perform with their diverse, well honed sound.

Huma Rojo

Huma Rojo is an indie rock band from Miami Beach, formed in 2006 by Damaris Vicke on bass and lead vocals, Javier Guell on guitar and Daniella Bertoldi on keys. The folks in Huma are passionate artists who enjoy reflecting their inspirations through their art, music and melodies. Their debut EP coming out this month.


Origen is a former pop/rock garage band from Miami. The 4-member group is composed of lead singer Mirs (Ecuador), bass player Rubén (Mexico), guitarist Héctor (Venezuela) and drummer Antonio (Venezuela). Their self-titled first album was released in 2008, and since then they’ve been showcased on CNN, Telemundo and Galavisión. They’ve even had the opportunity to share a stage with Mexican pop trio Camila.


Miami’s SocialKlash tries to send a single message across: “Wake up, society!” Its members, Andrés Mara, Mars Polem and Abraham Salas describe their sound as electro-punk rock.


Miami-based colombiano Alicastro is a singer-songwriter with a multi-instrument penchant. His pop/rock concoctions steer towards early Juanes territory.

Radio La Chusma

Texas’ Radio La Chusma features a funky mix of Mesoamerican Afro-beats and reggae. Their music is, for the most part danceable, and fun. They’ve performed far and wide in the South, with two albums under their belts: The sound of the People and 91.5 MexM.


Miami’s FatkingBulla refreshingly mixes Latin beats into their rock sound. They’re big on collaborating with both local bands and groups from their native Peru. “Niña infiel,” , their brand-new single from their first album, is a great tune to dance to.


PANA!, a Connecticut-based band, was born when Diego, Alejandro and Gonzalo where in high school. Now, with their college years behind them, they’ve been performing in venues around the Northeast.


New York-based DelExilio features an afro-rock fusion of Cuban and American musical styles. It was created by David Sandoval, a young musician born into exile. They channel Cuban son through guitar riffs, keeping the tempo of rock and funk beats with claves.