Listen: Julieta Venegas – "Te Vi"

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Julieta is no stranger to pop classics, but for some reason this sounds like an old Venegas track, a throwback to a couple albums ago, where her music played heavily on catchy, simple chords and simple lyrics. The song is uncomplicated, although we’re sure she’s been super busy since putting down the tour baton and picking up her recording work for her sixth studio album, Los Momentos, due in March 2013. The dates of course are iffy as well as whether or not this song is actually the first single of the album, considering last month’s release, “Tuve para dar.” Either way, we love Julieta Venegas and always will, even if on this track she sort of admits to being a stalker. I have no idea what she’s doing or watching, or if she accidentally saw her (ex? unrequited?) lover making out with a new woman by some farm, the ocean, and in the city, but maybe she’s a voyeur. Who knows. It’s an odd song, no doubt, but it’s a gem. If only after two plays I was already singing along to the chorus, that means it’s gotta be good.

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