Video: Jus Tess – "Got Me Online" Ft. D-Wiz

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It does not happen as often as you might think–stumbling across completely new and unknown artists you feel are a diamond in the rough. San Francisco’s Jus Tess is one of them.  Although the main line (“Got Me Online”), all the “Bay-Bay”’s, and featured rapper D-Wiz are too much at times (because one time is too much), this song is actually well written and structured and has a repetitive, jazzy, and sensual, acoustic R&B beat backing up a naturally orgasmic voice to the tune of a masterly pop melody.

Jus Tess hardly looks at the camera in the video, which may be a part of her powerful persuasion. I’ve never witnessed my own submission to a genre I’m not particularly fond of. It’s no surprise that a melodic breath enough to be memorized and sexual, but not contrived or overdone is stylistically soothing and rare..

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but I’m holding out for anything else this woman puts out in the future. Her potential is a subtle trance that can contort awareness of seemingly self-taught audible minds so surprisingly that escaping it won’t be desired, much less thought of.

[insert-video youtube=Dl9mlo4GypI]