John Leguizamo Kidnaps Justin Bieber in the Video For “What Do You Mean?”

Lead Photo: Justin Bieber Vevo

After his first performance in five years at the MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Bieber teared up when he was done singing a mix of “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean?” On a night when everyone is vying to become the next day’s news (you know, like Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus or Kanye saying he’s going to run for president in five years), Bieber has managed to also keep some of that attention on himself. On Sunday, he performed his new song “What Do You Mean?” and he also dropped the music video, which stars Latino fave John Leguizamo. It starts off with Bieber giving Leguizamo a huge wad of cash, and then he and his female co-star, Xenia Deli, are kidnapped. No worries, though, there’s a happy ending. Although I didn’t know you could party the night away after fearing for your life.

It’s no surprise that Leguizamo would take part in the video, because he teased it on his Twitter account beforehand. After the video was released, many took the time to praise Leguizamo’s appearance in the clip.

In case you missed Bieber’s performance, check it out below: