Kali Mutsa gets carnivalesque in "Tunupa"

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Chilean actress Celine Reymond has undergone one of the most intriguing transformations ever seen in the entertainment world. On television, she’s the star of telenovelas such as Primera Dama and Hijos del Monte. On stage, she transforms into the exotic, gypsy singer Kali Mutsa named after Kali Sara, the supposed daughter of Mary Magdalene (yes, Jesus Christ’s homegirl), and mutsa, the Roman word for cat.

Tunupa” is a strong single on many levels. Mutsa’s vocal style is hypnotic and bewitching. The rhythms of Latin American guitars and brass instruments swirl in the air between gypsy and bhangra-influenced beats and percussion. This is the soundtrack for the lost traveler who stumbles upon a traveling carnival beneath the shadow of the Andes.

Stream/download “Tunupa” below and pick up her upcoming album Ambrolina in October.

Kali Mutsa – Tunupa