Download: Kali Mutsa – "Tunupa" (Moombah Mix by Frank El Medico)

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If Kali Mutsa’s track “Tunupa” was a bewitching carnival ride on ayahuasca, then Frank El Medico’s moombah remix of said track is a twerk-a-licious romp on acid.

El Medico (born Franklin Rodriguez) has tweaked tracks by Kinky, Hello Seahorse!, Locos Por Juana, and Mr. Pauer via dubstep and electronic mixes in the past. Oh, he also worked on a few albums by some artists named Daddy Yankee, Calle 13, and Don Omar. Maybe you’ve heard of ’em? Medico keeps most of the song intact but adds flair in all the right places. The bass is bassier, the horns, um, hornier and just wait until you get to the 1:47 mark!

Our friends at Miami’s Shock Music are sharing this free download with us. Download away and twerk your nalga off into the new year and catch Kali Mutsa tonight at Salon Hecho in Brooklyn if you‘re in the area!