WATCH: Kali Uchis Decked in Diamonds on Amaarae’s ‘Sad Girls Luv Money’ Remix Music Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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In a futuristic, cryptocurrency-like world, we find Colombian-American singer-songwriter Kali Uchis and Ghanian-American singer Moliy being featured in Ghanian singer and producer Amaarae’s latest “Sad Girlz Luv Money” remix music video, released on Feb. 9.

The “Sad Girls Luv Money” remix has already made waves since it was released back in Sep., when we highlighted it as a must-listen, already recognizing that it was a bop since the jump. The Afro-pop song then quickly became a viral No. 1 hit on TikTok, and now boasts over 144 million streams on Spotify. And now, we have the epic visuals to go with it.

In the new music video directed by Remi Laudat, we start off by seeing Kali and Amaarae in all black everything a la Matrix wardrobe; and Moliy dressed in a black and red fishnet-outfit on a digital “Sad Girls Inc.” billboard. The background “sad girls” in the music video are all dressed in black outfits, making commands via phone calls – you just know they’re making money moves. From having men fighting to branding them with tattoos to tying them up all ransom style – the women in this music video show them who’s boss. They don’t look too sad to me.

Throughout the video clip, we see iconic fashionable moments for each artist. From Amaarae in a Dalmatian-inspired all-white octopus-like outfit to Kali Uchis dressed in diamond out two-piece bathing suit casually laying down on endless hundred-dollar bills, we’re obsessed with the stunning visual piece. The video features designs from Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, YSL, Versace, Louboutin, and custom looks by stylist Daniel Obasi, who focused on showcasing African narratives through his pieces. 

In response, Twitter fans from all over are already commenting on how great the action-packed video was. 

A Twitter user says Kali’s verse is “THE BEST PART OF THE SONG.”

We completely agree with it all! We are inspired to keep making that money until we have as much as these women do on the music video.

Watch Amaarae’s music video for the “Sad Girls Luv Money” remix featuring Moliy and Kali Uchis below.